Happy New Year 2015. The Memories of a Product Manager turns ten years old

In 2015 The Memories of a Product Manager blog turns 10 year old. I never expected its success. I have absolutely no affiliations and I keep this blog as a true expression of what I think and of what other people think, but can not say it in public.

I know since my time with Sun Microsystems that every word about a larger company was "fed" by PR to the media. And this happens everywhere -  today more than before. The Valley entrepreneurial movement made luminaries like Paul Graham, Steve Jobs, Peter Thiel. Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman, Sergey Brin and Larry Page replace the boring fluff of corporate information industry. Yet we live with slogans as never before,

Ironically the debonair billionaires and their free speech must separate, as big business originating in startups are sensitive to loose talk. For example Palantir, Google or Facebook, more and more carefully screen what they say in public or places where one of their executives can be overheard.

I hope to continue  and expand this blog. I am thinking of alliances with like minded and I seek to make this a self sufficient publication. AdSense program from Google for advertising is a joke. It places at the same level of pay  the number readers with power of influence on performance computing, - almost everyone in the entrepreneurial game -  with the readers watching soap operas

I like recode   and their founders and writers : Kara Swisher , and particularly  Amy Schatz . I like her ethics statement.

I noticed people read what I write and see the videos I make. I write as if  I want to enter deep inside people's hearts. I observe- from my desktop - with a 27 inch screen, - the world. Any smaller screen makes me loose clarity. Based on the teachings of the Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, I get a metaphor of how I write:
...finding the way to all those souls that are lost, in search of, downtrodden and in despair, because  they lost true faith... those in the dark who need a blessing and those that need renewal and elevation... May the commentaries reveal the concealed and open the eyes 
This is not  a style or spelling . This is not a composition. This not soap opera and this is not a romance. My blog is all about entrepreneurs, inventors, think-bigs, dreamers, engineers, basically anyone who is aware there is a concealed reality. They are those  who are exceptional human beings whether they made it, of are about to make it big. Because "not making it yet" is a continuous transition and hope.

I make the intentional mistake to believe that all readers are  like me. “Madame Bovary, c’est moi”

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