Sokojikara and #fuckyouwashington on twitter

There is a Japanese word: "sokojikara." When applied to US, it means a reserve power that allows it to overcome the inadequacies of its leaders and the foibles of its citizens.

The classic notion of American declinea fading global power predicted since 1970's is the darling of conservative predicting a destructive immigration and a string of "oy-vey" lamentations.

American Capitalism is constantly reforming has created enormous wealth and a pattern of upward mobility unprecedented in the world. 

This can-do attitude made this country and will continue to do so. 

The #fuckyouwashington hashtag was created in 2011. Here are some samples
Never mind rural areas, where are jobs created - in urban or rural areas - by the White House three years later in 2014?

I like Governor Rick Perry 3 years later in 2014! He really got the universal meaning  of Chanukah!

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