The Midnight Docker Dream.

Today we celebrate the Martin Luther King day. The speech I had a dream delivered 28 August 1963, is in every school textbook

On a much more modest and humble level, I had an Aha! moment I want to share with you

Fig.1 Dockerized apps fly around the entire planet coming from anywhere. The containers run on the fly on Docker-ready, safe licensed data centers, without any additional porting 
In my previous entry, The New Joyent,  I quoted the charismatic leader of Docker Inc.
The  Docker super-star, Salomon Hykes is French.  He is a seductive dreamer:

 ...users nowadays expect apps to behave like the Internet: unattached to a machine, readily available, working the same no matter how you interface with them. This means software needs to be decoupled from the underlying machine -- "the app needs to be everywhere and nowhere,"
Little Red Riding Hood
and  the Wolf

 Salomon made me read again The Little Red Riding Hood, -  being "everywhere and nowhere" on Internet is not safe, because it resembles the wood from the story.  I can see the docker containers like metaphoric Little Red Riding Hoods in constant danger.

So in my dream, I saw our entire planet with probably millions of Docker containers around the earth. The biggest challenge is to make an infrastructure where these containers are deployed without further a do. These are Docker-ready Data Centers licensed by a reliable technology

Imagine also that this technology is license-able and adopted by Data Centers around the world. In that moment we will see live the paradigm of the Docker revolution.

Docker has one a half of the solution: "The terrific trio The Containers, Docker and Microservices" (Slide 10 of Jerome Petazzoni shown Fig. 3 from The New Joyent article). We still need the docker-friendly IaaS Data Center.

From what I discovered today, many claim they have will that dominant technology. I hear AWS, Azure and the big guys. They need dedicated Linux servers and some confusing abracadabra to perform the trick of docker magic.

From what I know, there is one company which can have the best shot at it. You can read her name in the Figure 1. The symbol logo - at  least in my visualization - means both Data Centers owned by the company and 3rd parties Data Centers licensed with this technology. Success will reside in the ability to execute this plan.
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