User Experience (UX) vs Usability from Domain7

This one of the best side ware coming from a Vancouver based design company, Domain7

People design clothing not on how they look , but on buyers psychology, their convictions (Stella McCartney  never uses leather and fur), their ideas of being boyish or girlish at any age.

I use my blog to conserve fine ideas and exceptional work i discover.  This is  how I learn and share with my readers too

The Explosive Demand for User Experience 

Ericsson, Canonical, Docker Inc, , Accenture and this list goes on  and on... None of those companies are consumer goods. None of these companies are focusing on Web Design and the UX expertise is growing exponential in companies selling to DevOps and developers. 

My own pioneering work of  UX in high throughput computing was inspired by my two mentors I list on my web page.:  Nir Eyal (How to make products with a happy ending ) and Tristan Kromer  (Tristan Kromer's Customer Development and User Experience )

As clearly explained in Domain7 slides, in software engineering people still confuse Usability with UX  See the Mistake #1 Easy to Use and Good User Experience are two different things.

UX experience is who are our users? What makes them tick? What they want in life? One can not treat customers as mice in lab, responding to Pavlovian instincts. This is an insult to the human race. The UX job, unlike the usability jobs, is closer to a writer observing people in cafe. mingling with them, learning what books they read, what sports they like, partying with them and reading their minds

Giant Swarm UX for developers, explained

I must quote Puja Abassi from Giant Swarm
Being developer-focused means we believe in the “empowerment of the developer” (Peter Fenton of Benchmark Capital) and “developer-focused startups” (Ethan Kurzweil of Bessemer Venture Partners). Innovation in technology is happening bottom-up. Developers start using the tools they love and companies will have to adapt if they don’t want to cope with “rogue deployments”. It also means that we focus on building tools that are actually used by developers, because they really like them.
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