Frank Wuerthwein: one of the best speakers at ISC Bigdata'13

Dr. Frank Wuertwein, University of California San Diego presenting at
the International Supercomputing Conference Big Data 2013, September 25, 2013
in Heidelberg, Germany
There are more impressions following this event. My colleagues told me "We only heard good things about Frank. Some people even voted him as one of the best speakers at the conference."

The first ever ISC BigData'13 conference was a huge success.

Frank is a true red Tshirt-ed South Californian and he was highly visible in the sea of suites old Europe makes everyone wear at public events.

Quoting di Lampedusa (an Italian Sicilian writer) from his book The Leopard  
"If we want things to stay as they are, we need to change everything."
This is above all the upper meaning from Frank and his Dynamic Data Center Concept, proven by a very  successful pilot using OSG and Gordon Supercomputer.

It means everyone in the world must be one day able to put her computer resources as part of huge multi-continent cluster. Then take them back whenever one wants, with then same ease as lending a pen to someone: just take back the pen, smile when you hear "Thank You" and place it in your shirt pocket.

The world before 
See Frank slides again for easy reference

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