Best Buy employs my son

This is - in a sense - the follow up story after the The Extraordinary Laptop Repair . The two are seemingly unrelated - one is his project in Sierra College, the other is the work of many people including the Transitions program for the local, high standards of Rocklin School District, one of the best in California

My son David got the first job ever in his life in the Best Buy Store in Roseville, California. A place he loves to visit, who doesn't? He was so emotional first day, afraid of not making a mistake. David needs to see perfection in what he does

David is a trainee and now goes through various departments labeling the items and getting familiar with them. In the photo he works in the aisle with the headphones for sale. This just the beginning. David will keep surprising us all.

It is a small step and I expect to see many more HFAs in desirable, dignifying, rewarding jobs. David colleague , Davis, also works there

My sincere thanks to Chris Connelly, Holly Gotwals and the wonderful team  of Workability from Rocklin Unified School District.

Our deep thanks to the Best Buy management

Important Reference:  The New Dandelion: a plan for highly functional autistic employment
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