Crunchbase. Most of companies acquired have a California HQ office

Having worked in open source for the last year, I was amazed by the wealth of idea scientists, students and professors created. So I decided to look at some data on startups being acquired and monetizing their ideas. For each company listed here , there are in my opinion 50 companies of equal of better potential value which were never started.

We are dealing with a basic fear to risk, that our society must mitigate to encourage the transition from open source and academia to the US economy. Why this happens in California? Maybe there is more sunny here. People are little bit more crazy.  In California, if  one entered this state, she discovered we have a grain of genius and a grain of autism, at the same time and we are normal in a this "tierra"  - while we were considered abnormal in the other places we happened to be born.

A picture is worth 1,000 words

Leaders are CA (by far), NY and MA. WI is a tiny dot and IL slightly better, no where near the leaders. There are many good engineers with good ideas everywhere. This is one of the reason why they should move out.

The 2013 biggest acquirers, surprise, Yahoo is the leader


Here are the latest stats for Q3 2013 with nearly four billion dollars  in exit transactions

Acquisition Stats

Total Acquisitions8,976
Total Acquisition Amount$10B
Total Exit Price$3.69B

Top Acquirers

Finally, how many people should have a start up to raise money?

Look at tweetdeck . They raised $40 million with 5 employees

If you are dreamers, like me, start meditating.

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