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User Experience (UX) vs Usability from Domain7

This one of the best side ware coming from a Vancouver based design company, Domain7

Usability vs. User Experience: What's the difference? from Domain7
People design clothing not on how they look , but on buyers psychology, their convictions (Stella McCartney  never uses leather and fur), their ideas of being boyish or girlish at any age.

I use my blog to conserve fine ideas and exceptional work i discover.  This is  how I learn and share with my readers too

The Explosive Demand for User Experience  Ericsson, Canonical, Docker Inc, , Accenture and this list goes on  and on... None of those companies are consumer goods. None of these companies are focusing on Web Design and the UX expertise is growing exponential in companies selling to DevOps and developers. 
My own pioneering work of  UX in high throughput computing was inspired by my two mentors I list on my web page.:  Nir Eyal (How to make products with a happy ending ) and Tristan Kromer  (Tristan Kromer's Custome…

The Midnight Docker Dream.

Today we celebrate the Martin Luther King day. The speech I had a dream delivered 28 August 1963, is in every school textbook

On a much more modest and humble level, I had an Aha! moment I want to share with you

In my previous entry, The New Joyent,  I quoted the charismatic leader of Docker Inc.
The  Docker super-star, Salomon Hykes is French.  He is a seductive dreamer:

 ...users nowadays expect apps to behave like the Internet: unattached to a machine, readily available, working the same no matter how you interface with them. This means software needs to be decoupled from the underlying machine -- "the app needs to be everywhere and nowhere,"
 Salomon made me read again The Little Red Riding Hood, -  being "everywhere and nowhere" on Internet is not safe, because it resembles the wood from the story.  I can see the docker containers like metaphoric Little Red Riding Hoods in constant danger.

So in my dream, I saw our entire planet with probably millions of …

Tweeting about Docker : 2014 and 2015

@HTCondor#OSG Docker Raises $15M For Its Open-Source Platform That Helps Developers Build Apps In The Cloud |
— Miha Ahronovitz (@myinnervoice) January 22, 2014
Docker Weekly: January 29th 2014 . Thank you Docker for quoting my blog !
— Miha Ahronovitz (@myinnervoice) February 4, 2014
Will Solomon Hykes be the new French Zuckerberg?
— Miha Ahronovitz (@myinnervoice) January 24, 2014
@HPCExperiment Docker, a new business star complements Why Did Docker Catch on @adrianco
— Miha Ahronovitz (@myinnervoice) December 1, 2014
@joyent@docker@ApacheMesos Docker revolution and Joyent cool idea
— Miha Ahronovitz (@myinnervoice) December 16, 2014
Docker downloads much bigger than revenues. via @BW
— Miha Ahronovitz (@myinnervoice) December 23, 2014
The 5 Most Important Things I've Learned From Using Docker < #1 u…

The New Joyent

Summary  Joyent Container Services will  transform the company. It  will run Docker containers along side Joyent containers as equal citizens . The Docker containers will run natively in Joyent cloud architecture will add huge value for Docker users. 
Joyent will  minimize and eventually eliminate the gap between containers in development and containers in production. The Docker revolution is a blessing
Last, but not least,  Joyent will open up and make products people will love and use, and not just admire  like a picture in a Museum of Modern Art.   Joyent : Cloud and Containers DNA This is part 2  of this story.  But I covered Joyent many times in this blog.

Four years ago, in August 2011, I wrote the article Net Promoter Score For four Cloud IaaS providers. Joyent had highest score. Joyent was viewed as the coolest IaaS cloud company

I met with Bryan Cantrill, Joyent's CTO  last week. I know Bryan from Sun, where his picture was on many posters all over Menlo Park campus, n…

Happy New Year 2015. The Memories of a Product Manager turns ten years old

In 2015 The Memories of a Product Manager blog turns 10 year old. I never expected its success. I have absolutely no affiliations and I keep this blog as a true expression of what I think and of what other people think, but can not say it in public.

I know since my time with Sun Microsystems that every word about a larger company was "fed" by PR to the media. And this happens everywhere -  today more than before. The Valley entrepreneurial movement made luminaries like Paul Graham, Steve Jobs, Peter Thiel. Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman, Sergey Brin and Larry Page replace the boring fluff of corporate information industry. Yet we live with slogans as never before,

Ironically the debonair billionaires and their free speech must separate, as big business originating in startups are sensitive to loose talk. For example Palantir, Google or Facebook, more and more carefully screen what they say in public or places where one of their executives can be overheard.

I hope to continue…