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Apple Siri, or how to make HPC as easy to use as Google or Dropbox

Chris Dagdigian  - a founding partner at Bioteam - specializes in research computing and infrastructure technology issues in the life sciences. He is multilateral and produced the best training courses for AWS, Cluster Administration Sun Grid Engine and LSF. His work is very creative, like for example Vertex Pharmaceutical VAMPIRE cluster, which replaced an existing Top500 supercomputer. He inspires.

In the article The "Knows" and the "Know-Nots" I quote:
Unfortunately, there is no one type of tech consumer. Someone winds up unhappy. If the design and interface are too technical, novices feel incompetent, shut out and stupid; if the experience is too simple, tech geeks feel insulted and talked down to. Probably there is no other field as affected by the disarmingly simple discovery that "there is no one type of tech consumer" as the high performance computing . I detected Bioteam messages for the two audiences.
 For Knows-Not: Using Siri Voice for High Per…

David magical projects

How do you know what you are meant to fix?In general, if you have a real need for this thing, then it awaits you to lift it up.Rebbe Menachem Schneerson
This is a continuation of the blog article My son David built a gaming computer. David and his extraordinary tutor, Scott - who works for  Carol Watilo at Progressive Employment - are presenting David's creations. David built himself everything you see. His  know-how is way deeper than the false impressions we may have when David speaks.

As a tutor, Scott  is strengthened by David's  devotion, while David as a student  feels recharged, renewed and filled with new energy.  Scott enables David to live his life more meaningfully and to confront its disability  hardships. up to the point they both forget about it.

Everything has its limits, even darkness.As the Zohar says, “When the world was made, a limit was set how long it will function in confusion.”
Note: All projects are part of the Mechatronics course in Sierra College,…

The "Knows" and the "Know-Nots" plus Learning from Potatoes

The "Knows" and the "Know-Nots" Here is quote from a memorable article in Scientific American by David Pogue
We recognize and name many of our demographic tribes: liberal and conservative, wealthy and poor, gay and straight. We classify ourselves that way, we watch out for oppression against one group or another, we pass laws to ensure equal treatment. But when will we recognize the existence of the two different types of technical consumers—the Knows and the Know-Nots? Over and over again, I run into products that have been tacitly designed for either group. The creators have a mental picture of a product's audience and the users' technical experience. You can tell from terminology, the amount of detail in the instructions, the number of steps required to accomplish anything. Unfortunately, there is no one type of tech consumer. Someone winds up unhappy. If the design and interface are too technical, novices feel incompetent, shut out and stupid; if the e…

New! The San Francisco High Performance meetup

Timur Bashirov and I are the co-organizers of the new  San Francisco High Performance meetup
High Performance People getting together to discuss topics in High Performance Computing (HPC). We welcome a variety of topics ranging from "latest web- and cloud- technologies making High Performance Computing more accessible" to "efficient scaling simulation workflows beyond 50,000 cores". Whether you are a web developer, cloud architect, scientist/engineer, a seasoned professional, or just curious you'll find cool people and learn new things at our meetings.  My focus is on making high performance super computing solutions accessible, easy to use to any of the estimated 12 millions scientists worldwide. Right now super computers are isolated and accessible to merely 50,000 scientists  on the planet - who need a special training tailored for each one of them. No two supercomputers are alike, with some few exceptions.

There shouldn't be necessary to tak…

The breakthrough success can only be mystical

From the book " My Rebbe: The Life and Teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson, the Most Influential Rabbi in Modern History" the author Adin Steinsaltz -  the world's most famous Talmudist of our generation - wrote:
The Rebbe once explained to me that many individuals cannot commit to a cause based only on systematic thought and reasoned conclusions. The trend has been, instead, to relate to symbols that are less abstract, and more tangible and emotional. The Rebbe understood that the rampant celebrity worship and the power of “brands” characterize much of society, cutting across social classes.I posit that the Rebbe believed he could lead his followers to his core principles... History has proved that the Rebbe’s analysis and approach were correct and effective. In other words, the strategy worked – and it continues to work, fueling his mission, even after his passing. Both the Chasidim and others who were initially outsiders began by establishing an emotional bond with the…

My son David built a gaming computer

This is the guest blog from my son, David Ahronovitz. As part of the summer program, David built a gaming computer, with the help of Scott Boughton, an extraordinary young man and fellow student at Sierra College, who is his tutor. Scott postponed going on to Brigham Young University to help David graduate in Mechatronics next year. Our family was left speechless,  when we learned his decision.

Scott works for Carole Watilo from Progressive Employment Solutions. Alta California provided the funding.

To fully understand this article, please read The Experiment.

My name is David Ahronovitz. During my summer 2014, I built my first computer. I named my computer Enermax. I gave its name because I found this on the computer case I used. The first motherboard that I tried to use was an Asus A55BM-E Motherboard with a MicroATX form factor. This motherboard was chosen because I originally planned on upgrading my 6 year old Lenovo K210. This old computer used the MicroATX form factor. However, …

Make money with Entrepreneurial Performance Computing

A shocking discovery The supercomputers and very large clusters have such limited access that at least 99.5% of the engineers and scientists in the world have no access to these applications. Power simulations are an essential tool to create wealth in our society. Right now is a grossly underutilized tool.

In this blog I propose to create a portal for performance computing applications using recent developments on web services for science applications. This can only be successful as an entrepreneurial effort financed for profit Silicon Valley and San Francisco style

I also propose - again -  to create incubators focused on performance computing operating in all Universities and research organization currently funded by NSF, DOE, Health Department, Defense and National Security.

I hope this is the right way to reach more than 90% of researchers and engineers, up from a meager 0.5%

I use this blog to to create awareness and I hope investors and interested institutions will contact us t…