New! The San Francisco High Performance meetup

Timur Bashirov and I are the co-organizers of the new  San Francisco High Performance meetup
High Performance People getting together to discuss topics in High Performance Computing (HPC). We welcome a variety of topics ranging from "latest web- and cloud- technologies making High Performance Computing more accessible" to "efficient scaling simulation workflows beyond 50,000 cores". Whether you are a web developer, cloud architect, scientist/engineer, a seasoned professional, or just curious you'll find cool people and learn new things at our meetings.
 My focus is on making high performance super computing solutions accessible, easy to use to any of the estimated 12 millions scientists worldwide. Right now super computers are isolated and accessible to merely 50,000 scientists  on the planet - who need a special training tailored for each one of them. No two supercomputers are alike, with some few exceptions.

There shouldn't be necessary to take a Ph.D like training to just access high end performance computing. In its ultimate incarnation, high performance computing would be as easy to use as your laptop today .

Please join us and bring you ideas.


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