David magical projects

How do you know what you are meant to fix?
In general, if you have a real need for this thing, then it awaits you to lift it up.
Rebbe Menachem Schneerson

This is a continuation of the blog article My son David built a gaming computer. David and his extraordinary tutor, Scott - who works for  Carol Watilo at Progressive Employment - are presenting David's creations. David built himself everything you see. His  know-how is way deeper than the false impressions we may have when David speaks.

As a tutor, Scott  is strengthened by David's  devotion, while David as a student  feels recharged, renewed and filled with new energy.  Scott enables David to live his life more meaningfully and to confront its disability  hardships. up to the point they both forget about it.

Everything has its limits, even darkness.As the Zohar says, “When the world was made, a limit was set how long it will function in confusion.

Note: All projects are part of the Mechatronics course in Sierra College, Rocklin, CA US . David will complete the course in 2015


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