Must Read: The new, improved New Dandelion plan for HFA's employment

This is the new, improved plan. Read it. Think of your friends who are parents of a grown up Highly Functional Autistic (HFA) young person. Ask them to read it. Write to me. I want to start a non-profit, open an office in Rocklin, California, US where I live and where the main campus of Sierra College is located. I want to start a pilot to multiply by 10x the number of successful HFA students gainfully employed. Then by 100x and by 1,000x as we grow in California and the rest of United States and Canada.

Many thanks to Bob Dorf for the support. In preparing this plan, the ideas from The Startup Owners Manual book Bob co-authored with Steve Blank, percolated my thoughts. This is a social enterprise that needs social capital to create happiness and goodness for all Americans. Here the idea for "customer development" is how to extract the enormous talent hiding in many HFAs and saving their future.
“The fundamental principle of customer development is that you start to think about where the customers are going to come from,” Dorf said. “What are they going to pay you? Where are you going to find them? How much is it going to cost to get them?”
I tried to rewrite this statement  to be relevant to this plan:
“The fundamental principle of developing the unique skills of HFA's is start thinking what the individual's skills are and how they relate to corporate jobs. How much are they going to be paid? Where the employers are? How much is it going to cost to create the system that scales up to many thousands HFAs succesfully and meaningfully employed?”
Compared to all plans so far proposed and / or implemented for autism employment, The New Dandelion is the most cost effective, most engaging and will bring more hapiness

I have also been influenced by Umair Haque's "The Beterness Manifesto". See my blog Optimize your work for happiness, not only profit

Hapiness? Yes, hapiness.

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