Microsoft 2.0 book priced 10 cents in Fry's

While in Fry's Electronics store, I found a hard cover  copy of this book written by Mary Jo Foley in 2008 when Bill Gates retired from Microsoft :

How Microsoft Plans to Stay  Relevant  in the post Gates Era. Barnes and Noble sells it for $ 15.49. The price in Fry's is here

It's 10 cents, plus 1 cent tax, this is 11 cents !!! The whole book seems a joke. Five years after the publications, Steve Balmer still leaves the company (now it is August 2014). Although we read  a few days ago we have two candidates left: Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Satya Nadella who leads the Cloud Business.

But what these people will do? Wait another 9 month to have a final decision?

How well is doing  Microsoft today? I do not know. All I see is a Microsoft 2.0 book is sold for  10 cents.

Paul Graham alienated Microsoft in 2007. This is what he wrote:
April 2007
A few days ago I suddenly realized Microsoft was dead..I feel safe suggesting this, because they'd never do it. Microsoft's biggest weakness is that they still don't realize how much they suck. They still think they can write software in house. Maybe they can, by the standards of the desktop world. But that world ended a few years ago. 
I already know what the reaction to this essay will be. Half the readers will say that Microsoft is still an enormously profitable company, and that I should be more careful about drawing conclusions based on what a few people think in our insular little "Web 2.0" bubble. The other half, the younger half, will complain that this is old news.
Mary Jo Foley most probably was commissioned by Microsoft to write this book,  which is valued today 10 cents.

Does it matter whether we name X or Y CEO? It will make NO difference. In a cash laden corporation, where no one is hungry anymore, what is the motivation?

If I were CEO I will break Microsoft in about twenty to thirty smaller companies and run a holding  umbrella company, like GM. Then watch how some  spin-offs will disappear and others will thrive.

Right now many sub-projects fail, like Volta advertised with gran fanfare and retired in 2008. These are proto-bankrupcies that can be better exposed as they suck from the Microsoft cash cow


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