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The Golden Circle

Today I discovered Simon Sinek and I re-discovered myself. Almost every single entry in this blog contained what Simon explains with such simplicity, the fundamental Why. "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

 He wrote in his book  "the one reason, the only reason I become the representative of Why, is because other people." He truly  inspires me and I deeply hope to inspire others, it is viral

The video was first shown on, - there alone it has over 4 million viewers - but now it is all over the Internet. One quote stands out is this:
If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood and sweat and tears A true entrepreneur shakes  people from their reverie and tells them: "You don't need to live a life of desperation and confusion. You have unique skills. You have a legacy worth preserving. You have a future worth…

14 ways to go from bitterness to betterness

See also Tell the status quo to go to hell 

1.Don't study  just to qualify for disposable routine jobs
2.Use your moral compass, read history, be cosmopolitan
3.A great accomplishment is more than what's visible in vicinity
4.Use your passion with a vengeance  to the max and beyond.
5.Dream so big, that you can ignore the others who laugh.
6.Don't entice mediocrity by shuffling PowerPoint  slides
7.Topple the status-quo: use ambition, persevere, use empathy
8.The sooner you get started, the better
9.If you fail, fail big and forgive
10.Mistakes are the beginning of wisdom and show possibilities
11.Prosperity is nowhere near the status-quo
12.Status-quo is dying metropolises. mass unemployment, fear of future
13.Map the horizons where you are going
14.When status quo tells you it can't be done, tell the status-quo to go to hell.

Adapted from Umair Haque

Optimize your work for happiness, not only profit

Tom Preston Werner @mojombo who wrote the famous How I Turned Down $300,000 from Microsoft to go Full-Time on GitHub   explains why. He brought to live, consciously or sub-consciously, the  Umair Haque  @umairh teachings. ( See his must-read blog The Betterness Manifesto) , in the slides below. It is a must .Absorb these into your being and write a new script for your life. I bought a Courvoisier VSOP bottle of cognac and sipped it from special glass

Amen! L'Chaim! Prost! Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!

Cloud Connection 02/15/2012. A personal view

Four Things I'd Like To See At Cloud Connect  says Charles Babcock in his Information Week article.
He wants (1) with no human tinkering any virtual cloud can exchange files with other virtual clouds. (2) universal units of measure for cloud pricing, something like a "Kilowatt of cloud" (3) performance monitoring universal and "a la carte" and on demand (4) the ability to move at wish in a jiffy to another cloud or availability zone.
Isn't this asking too much from Cloud Connect? Mr. Babcock has an impossible dream, It will never happen, because it is NOT a goal for a technology, but standards, politics and competitiveness,  At Cloud Connect, everyone labels their software -whatever that may be -  as cloud. My visiting experiences fall in a few categories.

The large companies (IBM, CISCO, Microsoft) have impressive large booths, but it appears no one knows what they sell and why.  They are men and women smiling and polite. These are actual replies:  "I…

Amazon or self-hosted?

From Charlie Oppenheimer, Matrix Partners article published by Gigaom. He assumes this traffic distribution

and produces this cost comparison table:

However it is not recommended to conclude that Self-Hosting is cheaper than Amazon. The author writes:
Notice in the above example, that a bit more than half of the total cost for each alternative is for bandwidth/data transfer charges ($35,144 for self-hosted at $8/Mbps and $36,900 for AWS). Aha! The cost of the network is more than half the total cost of operating a cloud, and this proves the point of the  M2Mi article I commented below:  Why Include Network Virtualization into the Cloud .

Here the final Mr. Oppenheimer final recommendation:

It is very simple:  if your usage is flat, go Hosting. If your usage is spiky, go Amazon. But in between these two extremes, where actually every institutional user sits, we have a wide space where the cost of the networking (aka bandwidth cost) can tilt the balance either way. The cost of the networ…

The Flood is coming: Faith Popcorn predictions

Faith Popcorn's 1992 (yes, 20 years ago)  "The Popcorn Report" said on cover: If you are planning to be alive in year 2000, you must read this  books.

Si 1992 #1 trend was Cocooning. People will be too afraid to go out. Supermarkets will deliver the food at your door, doctors will make again house calls. Sales for home alarms will increase 80%. Cocooning never happened and was her biggest boo-boo.

She recommends American Airlines to transform the coast-to-coast flight into a a special restorative time for body and mind, promising passengers to arrive feeling much better than before they boarded the flight. In 2012 this is big joke. No food, less leg room is what we get and for cheap flight, passengers put up with everything.

Also men will color their hair to look younger. (Actually more people today shave their head to hide boldness)

But she did predict some things with amazing foresight . Her book will become interactive on line, well ahead anyone else. America will bec…

Which Private Cloud is Best and How to Select One


This litmus test is proposed to compare private clouds
How long does it take  to place in production an application delivered as service in your private cloud? (comparing apples to apples)?  Less than 1 hour? Less than 1 day? Less than 1 week? More than 1 week?What is the skill level required for (1)? . Rate 1 any user, 2 any sysadmin, no training,  3 only trained computer science sysadminsDoes it have a ready to use billing system to be used internally and externally? Most reply " it has "hooks" to external "unnamed billing systems". The reply is either Yes or Not.How the server scalability works?  Manual or Automatic? Where the additional servers are located?  (a) More servers on site or other sites inside the same organization are added  function of aggregated demand? Or (b) servers are added from public sites for additional costs whenever they are needed? If  (b) , how outside bills are allocated to internal and external users? Now read on to see wh…

Selected comments on Many Core processors post

These are selected quotes from the comments to the post Many Core processors: Everything You Know (about Parallel Programming) Is Wrong from this blog, published on Hacker News.

All comments are outstanding, my apologies not including everyone here, please follow the Hacker News link to read them all
"The obstacle we shall have to overcome, if we are to successfully program manycore systems, is our cherished assumption that we write programs that always get the exactly right answers." The above statement falls in the realm of mystical . The writer Rodger Kamenetz writes in Burned Books,  that any word that has "seventy faces", meaning is infinitely interpretable,  could belong to the level of Scriptures and canonical texts.  It is esoteric. In spite of all texts, courses and information on Kabbalah, the real sensibility behind it, - is further removed from the great majority of people. Those writing below debate with elegance, to say the least.

Most of the …