The Flood is coming: Faith Popcorn predictions

Faith Popcorn's 1992 (yes, 20 years ago)  "The Popcorn Report" said on cover: If you are planning to be alive in year 2000, you must read this  books.

Si 1992 #1 trend was Cocooning. People will be too afraid to go out. Supermarkets will deliver the food at your door, doctors will make again house calls. Sales for home alarms will increase 80%. Cocooning never happened and was her biggest boo-boo.

She recommends American Airlines to transform the coast-to-coast flight into a a special restorative time for body and mind, promising passengers to arrive feeling much better than before they boarded the flight. In 2012 this is big joke. No food, less leg room is what we get and for cheap flight, passengers put up with everything.

Also men will color their hair to look younger. (Actually more people today shave their head to hide boldness)

But she did predict some things with amazing foresight . Her book will become interactive on line, well ahead anyone else. America will become more entrepreneurial and less big business corporate. (She said this long before Umair Haque from Harvard) .

Finally, she said, America is really mad. In 1992 this was precocious.

For 2012, she predicts "in the coming decade we will see a sea change in the way feminine power is  incorporated in  society"  "Males’ problems with aggression, depression and performance will continue to worsen as long  as they go untreated" She adds "Unchecked masculinity will be seen as a liability.
Corporations will lose a lot of their male populace to the stay-at-home dad trend.". Marriages will sort of disappear Unmarried women deliver 41% of the  children born in US. By the end of the decade there will be more businesses started by women than men.
Now for 2020, we should expect the Flood of biblical proportions. We need to build an Arc and navigate for survival, because it seems the feminine power will not save us and only a few real men will survive as much precious stallions


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