14 ways to go from bitterness to betterness

See also Tell the status quo to go to hell 

1. Don't study  just to qualify for disposable routine jobs
2. Use your moral compass, read history, be cosmopolitan
3. A great accomplishment is more than what's visible in vicinity
4. Use your passion with a vengeance  to the max and beyond.
5. Dream so big, that you can ignore the others who laugh.
6. Don't entice mediocrity by shuffling PowerPoint  slides
7. Topple the status-quo: use ambition, persevere, use empathy
8. The sooner you get started, the better
9. If you fail, fail big and forgive
10. Mistakes are the beginning of wisdom and show possibilities
11. Prosperity is nowhere near the status-quo
12. Status-quo is dying metropolises. mass unemployment, fear of future
13. Map the horizons where you are going
14. When status quo tells you it can't be done, tell the status-quo to go to hell.

Adapted from Umair Haque

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