This blog is a continuation of the article CONTENT IS OBNOXIOUS. ART IS THE PRODUCT on LinkedIn. Writing for rhe soul is not content.

Writing for the soul is art. Dadaism is anti-art, but is a special form of art. We write for people like Paul McCartney, who after seeing a Magritte exhibition decide to call the Beatles music publishing company Apple, which became the richest music publisher in the world. We write for people like Steve Jobs who named the computer company in a basement, Apple, and  miraculously became one of the most successful on the planet

According to the Zohar, the ancient book of enlightenment

Certain colors can be seen, certain colors cannot. but human beings do not know; they do not reflect. They see only the colors of a cosmic prism. 

The enlightened will shine. Who are the enlightened? The wise one who contemplates by himself, from himself words that human beings can not mouth. They are the ones who make the masses righteous and they will shine like stars.

I have to write for exceptional people, not for Google. There is mystery why an a surrealist painting can bring such success.

According to Tristian Tzara

Portrait of Tzara by Marcel Janco

"Dada had a human purpose, an extremely strong ethical purpose! The writer made no concessions to the situation, to opinion, to money. We were given a rough ride by the press and by society, which proved that we had not made any compromise with them. [...] What we wanted was to make a clean sweep of existing values, but also, in fact, to replace them with the highest of human values."

This is more powerful than any logical brand 

Post Scriptum

Here is  a video  The Nonsensical Art of Dada | Dadaism .  Watch it


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