Thoughts on 5G and Edge Computing

At MobiledgeX they hired me as a consultant for a few weeks to invent the capabilities of Edge Computing just like a mental exercise

At that time, 5G was a separate element in their strategy. Because no one was sure where Edge computing starts and where it ends, I did not have a clue and the entire company was waiting for  directions from their thought leaders.

I see my job as a blogger and content provider to make people understand what they buy and why.

Social science and humanities majors earn less in their first job, but catch up over time. Technical skills can become obsolete quickly, while critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills become more valuable.

What is 5G

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks  Compared to most of today’s networks (which primarily use 4G and 3G technology), 5G is set to be far faster and more reliable, with greater capacity and lower response times.

5G is unlikely to be defined by any single form of technology. It’s often referred to as "the network of networks" for the way it will bind together multiple existing and future standards, including current advanced LTE (4G) networks.

5G is set to open up a whole new set of use cases such as: superfast 5G broadband with no need for landlines, super smart factories, car to car and car to infrastructure communication, driverless cars, holographic technology, the arrival of 5G phones, 5G sim only and devices such as 5G TVs, and remote/ distance health care for patients.

If I want to buy 5G, where do I go? Say I will buy - if available in my area - Verizon home 5G. I has a window antenna and a router made by Verizon. Other companies may offer their versions of 5G totally incompatible to Verizon. So we call 5G different animals.

AI and VR with 5G

Every commercial for VR headsets,wants you to believe that putting on the device is to step into a truly immersive experience, except no, the pixels are clearly visible, there’s a bit of lag, and the headsets are not comfortable to wear more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. AI?  Bixby, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana are hardly as smart as its respective tech CEOs claim to be, and Google’s self-driving cars seem to have gotten into quite a few accidents already.

“Virtual reality, in order to achieve the true immersion needs several hundred gigabits of data, which 4G cannot do wireless right now,” says Qiu Heng, Huawei's president of wireless marketing operations. "More importantly, the latency for self-driving cars right now is around the 50 millisecond range. That's also not enough." 

The collaboration?

The collaboration is enabled using MobiledgeX’s recently announced MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud R1.0 product. Key features include device and platform-independent SDKs, a Distributed Matching Engine (DME) and a fully multi-tenant control plane that supports zero-touch provisioning of edge cloud resources as close as possible to the users. Immediate examples of what this enables include performance boosts for Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (MR) experiences as well as video and image processing that meets local privacy regulations.
 I am asking myself , how this will work in absence of a compatible 5G network?

And if we create a mesh of high speed interconnection, the edge computer become the entire cloud and main sensory benefit is speed

Network type
Average download speeds
Max download speeds
Time to download a full HD film
Over a day
Over 7 minutes
2.5 minutes
1-10Gbps (theoretical)
4-40 seconds

Huawei 5G

This is perceived  as the best in the world, but the politics stopped Huawei to expand in North America and Europe. This will be the subject of a follow up blog from me


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