The disappearance of Big Data

Quoting from my blog April 2016

No one will be talking Big Data in 24 month (November 2017)

It  is going to get so good, so fast, so in 24 month, I mean literally in less than 24 months, that no one will be talking about Big Data. We will just spit in data like using a fire hose, and then spit out patterns predictions, correlations, causation, that we could never  understood. These technologies are compressing things so hard and our brains are built linearly. That why we can not see it.

We will not bother with Hadoop 3.0. We will use "this thing"

I do believe that the notion of Hadoop 3.0 would  simply be, "we will not even bother with it."  

Yes, indeed. It did already happen, December 2016


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