How to stop AI bots from creating a Mad Max world

What Cooldimi offers?

We enable intelligent Chat-Robots, in short Bots. We make a bot smarter. To use an analogy, a hunter needs a dog. But this is not any dog, but a special breed and trained as a hunting dog.

Similar to a hunting dog, a cooldimi bot learns faster to make successful it's owner, knows it's  limitation and lets the human take initiative when it has no answer, It will quickly learn new skills to improve his owner satisfaction.

We have demo available  on how we actually do this with a bot, any bot from Facebook, Microsoft, Pandorabot and so on.

What can I do with a bot?

Before answering this question, Facebook’s introduction of a bot-building platform at its F8 developer conference event April 2016, triggered indirectly some colossal profit increase for the company. Facebook had a wildly successful Q3, earning $7.01 billion in revenue. Facebook destroyed analyst estimates, which were $6.92 billion in revenue 
The first thing you can do with a bot you can make money for your company.
This is Cooldimi's bot platform ultimate goal.

So what is Cooldimi?

Cooldimi is bot platform.   It enables Conversational Economy, meaning one can order services and manage infrastructure with leaving the messenger chat.

It focuses on industry specific (narrow) domains, For example a bot calling an Uber car can not be used for email promotions

Cooldimi measures happiness factor using human sentiments It  blends Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence.

Cooldimi makes bots that meet business specific goals  and the users are happy. People never buy something they are not happy with.

Cooldimi adds a meaningful conversation in a suitable narrow domain with clear business goals, directly or  indirectly, and we intelligently monitor the bot to make sure it delivers. 

Can Artificial Intelligence appear as human intelligence?

Not in the foreseeable feature

According to WILDML blog 
Many companies are hoping to develop bots to have natural conversations indistinguishable from human ones, and many are claiming to be using NLP (Natural Language Processing)  and Deep Learning techniques to make this possible. But with all the hype around AI it’s sometimes difficult to tell fact from fiction.
 Most of the value of deep learning today is in narrow domains where you can get a lot of data. Here’s one example of something it cannot do: have a meaningful conversation. There are demos, and if you cherry-pick the conversation, it looks like it’s having a meaningful conversation, but if you actually try it yourself, it quickly goes off the rails.

What do you mean "it quickly goes of the rails?"

If you’ve actually used any of the personal assistants (PSa) you may be skeptical. Siri still barely understands what you want, and Facebook has put hordes of human workers behind Facebook M to get it to do anything useful. How will these things ever replace all the complex tasks we’re doing apps and browsers? 
So you need human intervention. Machine learning can not sort it out by themselves, Have you heard Microsoft TAY?

I did. It made an uproar. How it happened?

It is a failure that was a success, as we learned so much from it. See Microsoft’s disastrous Tay experiment shows the hidden dangers of AI  
Microsoft’s disastrous chatbot Tay was meant to be a clever experiment in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The bot would speak like millennials, learning from the people it interacted with on Twitter and the messaging apps Kik and GroupMe. But it took less than 24 hours for Tay’s cheery greeting of “Humans are super cool!” to morph into the decidedly less bubbly “Hitler was right.”


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