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How Ericsson’s Inclusive Environment Helps It Thrive

Ericsson: My First Impression
I joined Ericsson in March 2015. I work mostly from my home office, but once a week I drive from the Sacramento area, where I live, to spend two days in a large shared office at 200 Holger Way in San Jose, California. I joined a small group in engineering and marketing. I met some of the nicest and open-minded professional people I ever worked with. Our mentor is Jason Hoffman, the Head of Cloud Technology within Business Unit Cloud & IP, and a charismatic cloud computing pioneer.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Ericsson Cloud in five tweets

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What Kind of Cloud Computing Will Enterprises Need in 2016? Part 3


Enterprise Transformation 2016

According to a Forrester study quoted by Lavastorm Analytics and published in December 2014, enterprises must make a shift to a philosophy and culture “that closes the gap between what customers want and what the company can deliver.” They were referring to a process of transformation from IT (Information Technology) into BT (Business Technology). The merging of IT and BT  faces obstacles. Enterprises are expanding C-level positions as the CIO‘s mandate does not cover the entire set of activities involved in this corporate transformation. Some organizations create new job descriptions like Chief Data Officer (collects, maintains, and makes available data per policy), Chief Asset Officer (new assets created by the digital industrialization), and Chief Knowledge Officer (maximizes the use of the knowledge acquired  for better decision making and innovation).

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The New Dandelion non-profit (proposed)

I appeal to all readers of this article to circulate it as widely as possible. It proposes the creation  of employment for High Functioning Autistic (HFA) young people in a natural  way, supplementing the institutions we already have  and leveraging their resources. An estimated 300,000 people in US are HFAs. Why not rescue their gifts and talents to bring happiness and create wealth in our society?

What is a High Functioning Autism disorder?

This is the WebMD definition
High-functioning autism (HFA) is at one end of the ASD  (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Signs and symptoms are less severe than with other forms of autism. In fact, a person with high-functioning autism usually has average or above-average intelligence. 
 Unlike people with other forms of autism, people with high-functioning autism want to be involved with others. They simply don't know how to go about it. As a result, they may be teased and often feel like social outcasts. The unwanted social isolation can lead to anxiety and depression

What we all need to get a job

  1. An education to acquire skills that are in demand and lead to much better paid jobs
  2. A network of people they know who can provide references and recommendations
  3. Connections with many people already employed and who can provide inside information and do some door openings
  4. Mentors, who can make our career  grow
  5. Reach  independence, not to depend on one employer only
HFA candidates, just as mainstream candidates, must have the door open to these opportunities

Proposed employment plan  for HFA young people

Lets re-list from above what we need to create jobs for HFA people. 
  1. An education
  2. A network of people 
  3. Connections with many people already employed 
  4. Mentors
  5. Reach a financial and dignified independence
My proposal is based on experience and I refer to the many articles from this blog describing our discoveries: The Experiment , The extraordinary laptop repair, and more.

Here is a picture:  we tap huge and highly effective teaching and mentoring resources already existing, but dormant.
Fig. 2: Leveraging HFA students to attend higher education with the help of tutors recruited from the student population
Using a tutor, another student at Sierra College in Rocklin, my son had a spectacular improvement in revealing his abilities (see The Experiment).

 At Sierra College we pay the tutors with funds from Alta California. But to accelerate the process, we need an organization to raise funds to pay HFA tutor salaries. The tutors must be fellow students.

When these students graduate and get jobs in corporate America, they act as HFA champion advocates inside the companies .They will part of the network of each HFA job seeker. They are ideal door openers for the former HFA students they helped as students. Thy know how to make them productive

We call this project, The New Dandelion. TND will not employ tutors. They will approach each educational institution to make a case for accepting HFA students and create a plan. The local management of the tutors will be handled by the higher education school via specialized contractors. In Sierra College Progressive Employment manages the tutors

For the system to work, every HFA needs a mentor in the companies they join. and if for some reason the young HFA does not feel at ease in a job, there is a chance to appeal to the network of former tutors and find a more suitable job.

Once they reach a critical mass, the former tutors will change for good the entire fabric of  corporate attitudes towards HFAs

Hiring Process

A HFA candidate will not pass interviews designed for mainstream candidates. We suggest to replace the interview process with a good presentation The hired HFA should have at the beginning a Facilitator. This could be a former tutor, or an organization  like Progressive Employment 

Can we make it reality?

Absolutely!  The New Dandelion (TND) uncovers precious resources in our 11,000 higher education institutions from US alone. There is no need to create gargantuan organizations of tens of thousands of employees. TND is lean and can be replicated easily in US and overseas

I welcome any ideas on how to take this plan off the ground. Please email me miha dot ahronovitz at ahrono dot com 

Monday, October 12, 2015

What Kind of Cloud Will Enterprises Need in 2016? Part 2


(part 1)

Enterprise 2016

Most clouds today tend to be defined by the engineering features and business models of their providers, not the needs of their enterprise customers.

Ericsson Cloud, however, is focused on the needs of the enterprise customer.

Running an enterprise business on others’ people clouds who have their own security and governance rules may be different […]

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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Employment for High Functional Autistic (HFA) people

This blog records the success in educating David to become a mechatronics technician. We proved the principle that he is employable. All David needs now, is a real  job.

We  ask any reputable, large company, like Intel, Apple, Oracle in Sacramento area to give David a chance to make a presentation of what he is able to do for them. A team of facilitators will accompany David.

There is no obligation: just open the door. From California, we discovered something great. All we need now is to have David really working in a field similar to what he studied.

This blog  follows the progress David since four years. Here is one of the entries:
Ahronovitz eyes robotic future - Rocklin  from August 2012, mentioned that David,  my HFA son and  a Whitney High grad will attend Sierra College's Mechatronics Program. He did attend the mainstream classes of professor Steven Gillette.
 In December 2012, he did not pass the final exam. Professor Steven Gillette wrote at the time
“David clearly has intellectual and social abilities that lend themselves to academic and to employment opportunities. He displayed a strong desire to work independently, particularly with the programming. He was able to work with other students, and seemed to enjoy his interactions with them. I believe that David can succeed in academic and technology endeavors, with sufficient levels of support. Academically, that support must provide him with focus on timely submittal of labs and quizzes. I found I had to directly request his lab reports and quizzes. Without direct oversight he did not submit the assignments required by the class."
With funds from Alta California Regional Center , David had various tutors selected from his colleague students at Sierra College in Mechatronics.

As a result, in 2015  we discovered a potential to create value for the society, hidden deep inside David that no one believed  three years ago it is there. This is a breakthrough in the employability of HFAs that will make history.

David uses his text-to-speech device (designed and fabricated by him) to explain his other projects and creations. Video produced by the fantastic team of facilitators from Progressive Employment Concepts. Just watch the video

David example opened the way to employ other HFA students at Sierra College.

There are an estimated 300,000 HFA persons in US alone. They are sub-class in the autistic spectrum population

As I wrote before,  the goals of an HFA employment plan are
  • The #1 goal is to make an HFA candidate productive so the profits per employees exceed the cost of her salary and of the total expenses incurred by the mainstream employer. 
  • The #2 goal is to have a plan that is scalable and can relatively quickly  expand in a natural way throughout California and US
  • The #3 goal is to make sure each HFA has a mentor both at school, college, university and a facilitator in the place work,
  • The #4 goal is to make the top mainstream graduates from our colleges and university HFA employment champions.
David's LinkedIn page is here, I quote an excerpt from his Summary:
I seek a job with a reputable high tech corporation in Sacramento area, such as Oracle, Intel, Apple. This will set an example of a dream job and open the future not only for me, but the tens of thousands of educated HFA (Highly Functional Autistic) people in California and US
My facilitators are Progressive Employment Concepts, who will support me until I feel productive in your company or organization. I'm able to generate profits for you and become a good employee.
I dedicated a page on my own web site, about the project code-named  The New Dandelion. The project brought the attention of  David Platzer, an anthropologist from John Hopkins University writing his Ph.D  thesis on topics like "Disability, medical anthropology, United States, technology, social entrepreneurship". We received a nod from Lou Vismara, the founder of the MIND Institute at UC Davis, one of the world's top research organization is autism

All we miss is David's Job and the story of success that will follow.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and I

What is the Google new announcement all  about,  We read:
For many, reading on the mobile web is a slow, clunky and frustrating experience - but it doesn’t have to be that way. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere.
First comments are this technology is over complicated. Here is a comment from Google blog
The cause is good, but AMP is overcomplicated. They rely heavily on JavaScript, Web Components, Custom Elements and custom attributes. They require polyfills for other browsers. Instead of removing web cruft, they add external scripts in . They allow only a limited set of tags,
My first reaction was to admire Google once again.

Then I thought what it means:
  1. Creates sameness Imagine wherever  we go, we read the same news, see the same ads
  2. Ability to infect the Internet with low-quality content
  3. Create monopolies of opinion, silencing bloggers like me and you
  4. Creating a universal blah-blah that bores informed readers and brainwashes the rest.
  5. Never "garbage in, garbage out" was easier to do.
I do not say these bullets happen now. But there is a good probability it will  happen in the future.

When Facebook did experimental psychology tests on 700,000 people, without telling them, everyone jumped. Facebook  has half of the world population as subscribers - I belong to the other half  - and the amount of data they have is power to dominate.

Now we are about to enter the Google AMP humongous cache. AMP must have some form of governance,

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From Ericsson Evolution Blog

What Kind of Cloud Will Enterprises Need in 2016?
(part 1 of 3)
Continuous change is something that every business has to deal with today, yet the IT capacity required to meet that change is consistently underestimated. Soon businesses will need 10x more capacity, but they won’t be given 10x budgets to cope. Enterprises are challenged to respond faster while containing costs to remain competitive. One way to meet this challenge is through a different way of looking at the data center and the cloud.Continue reading

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