Employment for High Functional Autistic (HFA) people

This blog records the success in educating David to become a mechatronics technician. We proved the principle that he is employable. All David needs now, is a real  job.

We  ask any reputable, large company, like Intel, Apple, Oracle in Sacramento area to give David a chance to make a presentation of what he is able to do for them. A team of facilitators will accompany David.

There is no obligation: just open the door. From California, we discovered something great. All we need now is to have David really working in a field similar to what he studied.

This blog  follows the progress David since four years. Here is one of the entries:
Ahronovitz eyes robotic future - Rocklin  from August 2012, mentioned that David,  my HFA son and  a Whitney High grad will attend Sierra College's Mechatronics Program. He did attend the mainstream classes of professor Steven Gillette.
 In December 2012, he did not pass the final exam. Professor Steven Gillette wrote at the time
“David clearly has intellectual and social abilities that lend themselves to academic and to employment opportunities. He displayed a strong desire to work independently, particularly with the programming. He was able to work with other students, and seemed to enjoy his interactions with them. I believe that David can succeed in academic and technology endeavors, with sufficient levels of support. Academically, that support must provide him with focus on timely submittal of labs and quizzes. I found I had to directly request his lab reports and quizzes. Without direct oversight he did not submit the assignments required by the class."
With funds from Alta California Regional Center , David had various tutors selected from his colleague students at Sierra College in Mechatronics.

As a result, in 2015  we discovered a potential to create value for the society, hidden deep inside David that no one believed  three years ago it is there. This is a breakthrough in the employability of HFAs that will make history.

David uses his text-to-speech device (designed and fabricated by him) to explain his other projects and creations. Video produced by the fantastic team of facilitators from Progressive Employment Concepts. Just watch the video

David example opened the way to employ other HFA students at Sierra College.

There are an estimated 300,000 HFA persons in US alone. They are sub-class in the autistic spectrum population

As I wrote before,  the goals of an HFA employment plan are
  • The #1 goal is to make an HFA candidate productive so the profits per employees exceed the cost of her salary and of the total expenses incurred by the mainstream employer. 
  • The #2 goal is to have a plan that is scalable and can relatively quickly  expand in a natural way throughout California and US
  • The #3 goal is to make sure each HFA has a mentor both at school, college, university and a facilitator in the place work,
  • The #4 goal is to make the top mainstream graduates from our colleges and university HFA employment champions.
David's LinkedIn page is here, I quote an excerpt from his Summary:
I seek a job with a reputable high tech corporation in Sacramento area, such as Oracle, Intel, Apple. This will set an example of a dream job and open the future not only for me, but the tens of thousands of educated HFA (Highly Functional Autistic) people in California and US
My facilitators are Progressive Employment Concepts, who will support me until I feel productive in your company or organization. I'm able to generate profits for you and become a good employee.
I dedicated a page on my own web site, about the project code-named  The New Dandelion. The project brought the attention of  David Platzer, an anthropologist from John Hopkins University writing his Ph.D  thesis on topics like "Disability, medical anthropology, United States, technology, social entrepreneurship". We received a nod from Lou Vismara, the founder of the MIND Institute at UC Davis, one of the world's top research organization is autism

All we miss is David's Job and the story of success that will follow.


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