Who will listen and who will not listen

See this table:

Will Not Listen
Will Listen
What a message should do to the listener
What the listener does with the message
The listener will  interpret what we say anyway
Listeners interpret  messages in ways which make  them feel comfortable and secure
Does the message attack heads-on the listeners attitudes?
Listener will defend and re-enforce any attitude we attack
We know the message is important
People will only pay attention to massages relevant to their circumstances and point of view.
Best listeners are the one have secure relationships
The best listeners are in insecure relationships
People will listen to us
People will listen to us, only if we listen to them
Simple communication will change people
People change if there is a combination of a new experience and communications
People may or may not accept change
People will more likely accept change if they are consulted before
Anyone, anywhere, anytime can deliver the message
The message will be interpreted in light of who delivers the message, when and where.
Make the message raise above our own internal conflicts
Communicators  must first reconcile their own internal conflicts and doubts in order to be effective

The Meetup-geekese style

The container companies  want to wow DevOps. And Developers, But
Most of the pitches I have seen  are in a meetup-geekese  style. Which is great, But with a few exceptions (like the CTO of Docker) no one container star bothered to do a final edit using the table above.
This is what we do in Ahrono Associates.


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