Fighting the obsession to see people as numbers


As  I wrote in my previous post Can Human Resources Adapt our society is obsessed with number evaluations of human beings. The entire school system is based on ratings. Our traditional employment system is based on ratings. I learned from a tweet of a famous venture capitalist, that SAT system will be reformed.

I suppose we can not live in a society that eliminates ratings. But very wise people do not need ratings, or they interpret the numbers wisely. Higher does not mean better. Google seems to see the problem clearer.

 I wonder what the top law, medicine schools in US think. Using ratings, they admit a stereotype candidate, and this stereotype picture often fits the privileged ones
Must read also from New York Times:about the politics of changing SAT and of the College Board need to renew itself

Behind the Cover Story: Todd Balf on the Coming Changes to the SAT
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