Dr. David Ungar about “anti-lock,” “race-and-repair,” or “end-to-end nondeterministic” computing

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  1. Many Core processors: Everything You Know (about Parallel Programming) Is Wrong!
  2. An Interview with David Ungar, IBM Research
The most startling discovery of Dr. Ungar is the postulation of a new type of computing in many core processors (and by analogy in distributed computing). He calls it
  “anti-lock,” “race-and-repair,” or “end-to-end nondeterministic” computing....When we give up synchronization, we of necessity give up determinism. There seems to be a fundamental tradeoff between determinism and performance.The obstacle we shall have to overcome, if we are to successfully program manycore systems, is our cherished assumption that we write programs that always get the exactly right answers.
Here is the video with David's  original talk at Splash-2011  Everything You Know (About Parallel Programming) Is Wrong!: A Wild Screed About the Future 

Warning: this is a 66 minutes video, but it is worth seeing as one day will part of the history of Computer Science.  Benoit Mandelstam first book on Fractals sold only 19 copies. Real great theoretical discoveries are not popular when they emerge first time

This is the reason I placed David's video here, for convenience

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