Leaders eat last . Leadership as a Service - LaaS.

How comes that in a war leaders are prepared to sacrifice themselves to save others, and in corporations, leaders most often are prepared to sacrifice others, so they can survive? Isn't this the moral ground to do "reorganizations"?

This is the latest video from Simon Sinek,  after the Golden Circle  featured in an earlier post. Synek says : Employees are people too !

We all seek leadership as a service (maybe we should call it LaaS) that someone called a leader offers his followers. We all seek power to protect ourselves. Someone who makes our survival and our happiness easier to reach

They say the world of business is tough and ruthless. This is why we must create islands where we can survive. This why my favorite leader of all times is the Biblical Joseph

At that time, the usual way to become rich was to make wars, pillage and enslave other people. Joseph, "the explainer of dreams",  became the wealthiest person in the then known world.  He cared about other people and saved the entire nation from famine.

Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last from 99U on Vimeo.
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