Who buys a blog?

Someone asked me whether my blog is for sale.

Years ago, I met a self made man from Southern Africa who said: "Everything I have is for sale, except my wife and children."

This made me curious and I goggled "who buys a blog". This is what I found

Warner Bros buys "40 Days Of Dating"

A wild auction has ended with Warner Bros acquiring screen rights to 40 Days Of Dating, a running blog compiled by New York designers JessicaWalsh and Timothy Goodman.
The blog was an experiment in romance by two friends who found themselves single at the same time. Walsh is a serial monogamist, while Goodman has commitment issues and dates a lot of girls. They dated exclusively for 40 days to try and overcome their relationship issues. The couple was bound by a set of rules that included the requirement they see each other every day and go on dates three times a week and take one weekend trip together; they also saw a couples therapist each week and agreed to a no outside booty call regimen for the 40 days. They bared all the results each day as they tried to make it work. The blog went viral and became popular. Even before the 40-day term was up — read the blog if you want to know how it ended — producers were all over this one. 

 Disney Buys 'Mom' Blogs" publisher Bubble.com

Disney paid between $40 million and $45 million for Babble, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Bollywood: Anurag Kashyap’s online script shopping, buys a blog post to make a film

Kashyap has bought the rights of a story Solanki posted on his blog. The three-part story is titled Hisar Mein Hahakar. Solanki blogs in Hindi. Here is Solanki's blog .This  is how he describes it:
Yeh Gaurav Solanki Ki Kitab Hai. Isme kuch chizee hai jo kahi aur nahi ho sakti. Aap aisa bhi samajh sakte hai ki unhe kahi aur jagah nahi mili'  (This is Gaurav Solanki’s book. There are things in it that cannot be found anywhere else. You may also think that these things never found a place anywhere).

Why buying blogs?

From The Golden Circle creator, Simon Sinek
I dug up an article of Danny Sullivan from more than a decade ago, in February 2003. The title is "Google Buys Blogging Company - But Why?"
News broke earlier this week that Google has purchased Pyra Labs, the company behind the popular Blogger.com weblog creation tool and Blogspot, a weblog hosting service. So far, Google is staying quiet about what it hopes to gain by such a purchase, leaving plenty of people speculating.
 Is any one speculating today? It it clearly a proof that people can play chess seeing a few more movements ahead of the crowd . Google is one of them.

And looking at blogger.com there are many  of blogs that have a latent potential to create equity for the right buyer.

Blooger.com may one day look like this
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