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Following the Project Dandelion  from my  web site and many posts on the how to employ and maximize the unique gifts of highly functional autism spectrum persons (see Silicon Valley and Autism. A creative approach.) - I receive letters from many people.

Spectrum candidates have qualities not common in the mainstream population. For example, photographic memory, high tolerance for repetitive work, obsession for perfection and a spotless quality in what they deliver

Here is an example of such a letter. I appeal to the entire community on LinkedIn, my contacts and the contacts of my contacts, to help Tim Brown - an Actuarial Analyst -  to get employment. He is based in Atlanta.

I will provide the email and the phone number, on request.
You just received a message via the contact form of your website.
The message was sent from

Message: Hello, my name is Tim Brown.  I am a 30 year old who is
officially diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.  I recently was laid off
for my former job as a Actuarial Analyst and was wondering if you could
help me find jobs for people like me.

I have an MS in Mathematics and a BS in Statistics, so I have the
knowledge to be a data analyst, yet I only have about one year of
professional experience, so it is hard to enter the job market.

If you need a resume to evaluate me further, please let me know.

Name: Tim Brown
Note Added April 11, 2013

According to LinkedIn I had via direct connections and their connections about 200,000 people. Including the expanded connections, I have nearly 5,000,000 people - 2.5% of the entire LinkedIn world wide.

I had no even one inquiry about Tim Brown. Just a fellow parent from Mind Institute tried to help, giving me advise how to advertise on Tim Brown.

She had a series of bullets like "Look for professional organizations that are in your line of work, are there actuarial groups that have meetups?" or  "Be sure you interview well, be prepared to answer the challenging questions" and so one.

I shook my head. People on the autistic spectrum can NOT do all this. Even mainstream job candidates find it hard. and it is not their fault. see this info-graph

If after a job is advertised, in 1 second a position receives 200 applications, and if each day, a number of  new resumes equal to the population of Luxembourg is uploaded to, can can Tim Brown compete?

We definitely need one of more organizations dedicated to employing qualified candidates, who happen to  be HFA (Highly Functional Autistic). If Tim was able to graduate with a masters degree in Mathematics and and B.Sc. in Statistics, how come we can not incorporate him in our productive society?
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