Isaac Asimov's amazing foresight

This video attracted many  people as they believe Asimov predicted the existence of Quora as a necessity. In reality, he predicted much more , so I place it here for our readers.

He said more than two decades ago, before Yahoo, Google etc we will have Internet and we will educate anyone - including slower learners or older users - at their own pace. We can ask questions and get answers on the computers all of us will own in our homes, the same way we own automobiles and air conditioning units.

Indirectly, he predicted the highly functional autistic employment

See the classic question they ask Asimov; "What if computers dehumanize the human mind?" OMG, didn't I hear this before? Mr. Asimov looks modern and he will remain so for many centuries.  Twenty five years ago Isaac Asimov was perceived as eccentric. His interviewer represented the common sense.

Mr. Asimov owned a Radio Shack TRS-80 computer which sold for $3,450 in 1980. He said:

"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them." 
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