How can I learn to be a good Product Manager?

This my answer to the question from Quora
I am surprised no one suggested the Haas Business School Product Management , a 5 days executive program. I am an alumni. See the group on LinkedIn. The PM skill is not bullet-able with plain vanilla advice (be this, be that) or vague Chinese cookies advise  (learn to balance).
A good product manager creates desire, see Michelle Ahronovitz on Nir Eyal's "Creating Desire" , learns the user experience as in  Tristan Kromer's Customer Development and User Experience and pays attention to what is invisible to the naked eye.
That's why developing products in corporations can be mildly to very frustrating. Just attending UC Berkeley there is a bout of fresh air, I did not breathe at Sun Microsystems before it's fall.
A Product Manager is in essence a proto-CEO of a startup company. You should go to Berkeley, even for 5 days, to see what I mean.
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