Will every computer will be a supercomputer? Quantum Computing

The Nobel Prizes  play a fantastic role  revealing what  is significant for the future. For example the Peace Nobel given to European Union,  pays an homage to the main force opposing the Balkanization of Europe and a return to little village mentality and narrow mindedness.

The Physics Nobel prizes give an homage to Quantum physics, with the most relevant consequences for the future of Quantum  Computers

Britain has some exceptional graduate students in physics, and not all of them are at Oxford or Cambridge. One of them is Dominic Walliman from University of Birmingham  and he has this superb video on what is Quantum Computing, made prophetically two years ago.

While most people say - including most (but not all, thanks God)  HPC scientists - that Quantum computers are sort of almost impossible to build , Dominic Walliman video exudes a fresh air optimism,.

Yes, we will be able to built them in the nearer future, ending the silicon era and leaving in the dust the silicon dinosaurs now on TOP500 supercomputers list. In about ten to fifteen  years, every computer will be a supercomputer. Watch:


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