New Ideas for starting any business seeded while attending supercomputing events.

 Rather than talking, let's do something about it

My blog entry Why HPC TOP500 never made any money and never will in its' present shape  had a an unexpected large audience of readers.

When in darkness, even a small tiny flickering light can be seen from large distances. 

Here are some  comments published on my blog:
  • Outstanding. It's about time somebody said this.
  • I read this post two times. I like it so much, please try to keep posting.
  • I never thought the point of HPC was to make money. It's to do science. No?
I compiled a survey for "New Ideas for starting any business seeded while attending supercomputing events." Be daring, describe even the wildest thoughts. You don't have to be an entrepreneur to start up a company. You either came across those ideas or generated them via lateral thinking, while attending one of the two most important supercomputing shows over the years.

The survey participants names, if provided, will be kept confidential. 

The tile is self-explanatory. Please note , if you fill in your name, the info is automatically copyrighted by the author of the post.

The goal is to set something at SC'12 where we can invite all those making a contribution or have some useful ideas

Click here to take survey


Rich Brueckner said…
There are lots of innovators coming to SC12, so inside-Startups and Adaptive Computing are sponsoring a Startup Pitchfest on Nov. 12 near SC12 in Provo, Utah.
Thanks Rich. This links well with TOP500 story, read comments

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