Customer Development Manifesto

There is a simple explanation why so many businesses fail. Because they did not do their homework, according to the new management practical system devised by Steve Blank et. al. You don't give a damn about business plan and you pivot as below:

Diagram from  Steve Blank blog  

The following bullet list  is from the Steve Blank blog

A Startup Is a Temporary Organization Designed to Search for A Repeatable and Scalable Business Model

  1. There Are No Facts Inside Your Building, So Get Outside
  2. Pair Customer Development with Agile Development
  3. Failure is an Integral Part of the Search for the Business Model
  4. If You’re Afraid to Fail You’re Destined to Do So
  5. Iterations and Pivots are Driven by Insight
  6. Validate Your Hypotheses with Experiments
  7. Success Begins with Buy-In from Investors and Co-Founders
  8. No Business Plan Survives First Contact with Customers
  9. Not All Startups Are Alike
  10. Startup Metrics are Different from Existing Companies
  11. Agree on Market Type – It Changes Everything
  12. Fast, Fearless Decision-Making, Cycle Time, Speed and Tempo
  13. If it’s not About Passion, You’re Dead the Day You Opened your Doors
  14. Startup Titles and Functions Are Very Different from a Company’s
  15. Preserve Cash While Searching. After It’s Found, Spend
  16. Communicate and Share Learning
  17. Startups Demand Comfort with Chaos and Uncertainty
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There isa  certain haughtiness in start ups who think the vision of the founders is sufficient. Sometimes it is. Most times is not. Large companies , now that they need to be entrepreneurial in building constantly new services, will find the 17 bullets inspiring. See also my blog about Yahoo's new CEO 

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