Tweets on Cloud Expo 2011 West, Santa Clara

Here are the tweets I selected to summarize what I have seen

inetu INetU So what's the biggest thing everyone learned at #CloudExpo?

myinnervoice Miha Ahronovitz #cloudexpo most exhibitors are hosting services companies posing as cloud. They charge fixed subs

myinnervoice Miha Ahronovitz CEO Power Panel #cloudexpo. Only Mårten Mickos Eucalyptus & Lawrence Guillory @Racemi made sense.

myinnervoice Miha Ahronovitz #cloudexpo No Google, no AWS, no Yahoo, no Joyent, no IBM well, yes Platform), no Univa

myinnervoice Miha Ahronovitz How to become a cloud company? Go to #cloudexpo, rent a booth, display whatever you have on a monitor, and say "This is our cloud offering"

khazret_sapenov Khazret Sapenov @myinnervoice :) perhaps same applies to big data company?

myinnervoice Miha Ahronovitz #cloudexpo Many interesting people have no booth

myinnervoice Miha Ahronovitz @CloudExpo #Oracle Public Cloud, they show the web site… Nothing is live.

sec_prof Phil Cox My quick thought on my first #CloudExpo #NotGoingToBeVeryPopular

myinnervoice Miha Ahronovitz "Tech entrepreneurs would be out of their minds to build out their own data centers rather than renting capacity"…
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