Steve Jobs and the touch of ruthlessness

In The Razor Edge, W. Sommerset Maugham writes about the character Larry: “Larry lacks just that touch of ruthlessness that even the saint must have to win his halo.”

That "touch of ruthlessness" is all over the biography of Steve Jobs, We transformed him in a new God. Steve's talents and achievements are blended with this ruthlessness he must have "to win his halo", This is obvious from the book of Isaacson, Commented by Steven Shankland
It would have been impossible, of course, to overlook Jobs' temper, his impatience, his brutal treatment of co-workers, his callous treatment of his first child, and his unforgiving separation of the world's population into A-team gods in the one corner and shitheads and bozos in the other.
Isaacson, while opining that the "nasty edge to his personality was not necessary," more often presents Jobs' harshness as effective. "Dozens of the colleagues whom Jobs most abused ended their litany of horror stories by saying that he got them to do things they never dreamed possible," Isaacson wrote.
Steve Jobs friendship with Larry Ellison, who never created any product, never was a Buddhist, or vegetarian and coolly decimated up to 60% of the companies he acquired. He is the darling of Wall Street, this institution that is blamed for our economic misfortune by demonstrators all over the world

Everyone says  Steve Jobs life will create a new model for the new entrepreneurs
It's not clear whether Jobs could have left a legacy that was more humanitarian--a sequel, perhaps, to the HP Way that Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard established at Hewlett-Packard, a company that Jobs admired. It is clear, though, that Jobs couldn't be bothered to behave otherwise
Does it mean, in order to become a superhero entrepreneur, one has to become a super-jerk. It is happening already at Twitter See Interview: Bill Gross Talks About Twitter’s Clampdown 

Where is the Eudaimonic prosperity Umair Haque from Harvard U preaches? The Steve Jobs emulators have plenty of reasons to become obnoxious and moody, it is the license one gets for being a millionaire, adulated by masses of techno-crazed fans. And Silicon Valley will attach creativity with petty dictatorships licenses in order to create high tech employment.


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