Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Virtualization is Not Cloud...But Does Make It Shine

The blog is live on hpcinthecloud.com


VMworld event ongoing in Moscone Center, San Francisco seems to place VMware as the self-crowned monarch of Virtualization

But when Oracle reads the 200 pages program and (did anyone read this gargantuan program?) and comes across a paper like" EA7061 Creating an Internal Oracle Database Cloud Using vSphere" by Jeff Browning, EMC Corporation or another paper "EA8700 Oracle on vSphere: Re-Platforming Tier 1 Oracle Databases from UNIX to vSphere at Indiana University" by Robert Lowden, Indiana University Dave Welch, House of Brick Technologies, no wonder they will not attend the event and instead placed their position in very harsh terms.

See "Our [Oracle's] full Virtualization Stack beats VMware"


The Oracle's own web site has the details :


In general at VMworld it seems everyone who ever downloaded VMware has written a paper or makes a presentation.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pioneering Utility Computing: The Idea of Sun Unit of Compute Power (SUNCOP)

Compute power deliver through a plug, like electricity
Here is the exchange with Jonathan Schwartz, in February 22, 2003. A Nothing happened for more than a year, when, on September 4, 2004 - my birthday - we read in the news that the launch of network.com $1 per CPU per Hour initiative is a reality.

Sample Utility Bill to model SUNCOP or the future equivalent of SUNCOP
 In it's ultimate incarnation, beyond Amazon.com, the vision was first described by Ian Foster in his book, "The Grid". It is a plug in the wall, to acces any compute power you want, whenever you want, as along as you pay your bill.
Subject: Re: How to break through with new ideas: SUNCOP
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 22:10:43 -0800
From: Jonathan Schwartz
To: Miha Ahronovitz

thanks for your note - Robert and I had a similar discussion recently. We're not yet at the point of wanting to mandate the idea, but we're hovering around concepts quite like SUNCOPS.

Stay tuned - and keep driving!

----- Original Message -----
From: Miha Ahronovitz
Date: Saturday, February 22, 2003 10:30 am
Subject: How to break through with new ideas: SUNCOP

Hi Jonathan,

It's a privilege to write directly to you as you are the highest ranking Sun executive in our Division who can set goals, and make decisions

In these challenging times, how can ideas from the bottom go up? The utility computing task is spread over 4 to 5 separate groups, with no synchronization. As usual in a large company, everyone assumes somebody else knows what's going on.

I know how busy you are, but can you read the enclosed text?

It will take 3 minutes.

cheers and many thanks

Miha Ahronovitz
Line Product Manager


We invent a Sun Unit of Compute power, a parameter defined and
calculated by us from hardware measurements that the Grid Engine

Say we call it SUNCOP (Sun Unit of Compute Power).
We store the cumulative calculations of SUNCOPs in a virtual utility
meter for hardware only (CPU, Memory, I/O, network devices, usage a
standard feature in SGE). Then we add - like in telephone bill  -
the use of each application software similar to the International and long
distance calls in a phone bill.

The money collected (or recorded as "funny-money") can easily be
redistributed to the right owners of hardware and software in the IT

I mentioned this idea to ... who works for .... I mentioned it to ….. and …... I vaguely
hinted a it to ….. We need a goal from top level Sun management.

We need Jonathan Schwartz to say: I want this DONE and assign measurable goals to all participants

Sun may regain the leadership in the enterprise Data Center Management. Sun Unit of Compute Power SUNCOP may become the industry standard.

To deliver, we need a final definition of the goal, a Project and a Product Manager with  a P-Team. 

Miha Ahronovitz,
Line Product Manager
N1 Grid Engine

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Employees in Silicon Valley

Adrian Cockroft, from Netflix, published a thought provoking  blog,  Open letter to my Sun friends at Oracle  After reading this blog, people are in a state of shock, unable or fearful to utter thoughts. It challenges our innate political correctness, our inertia. I wish we can all join Ebay and then go to Netflix and go through the learning process Adrian describes. Obviously, all of us have our own path, yet few of us have his prophetic vision to see what is going on from above.

But if we all try to imitate him, we will never be original and better, just imitators. 

This blog is about defeating our innate, stubborn resistance to the life we really want, instead of the life we have now.

We live in a rational Silicon Valley. Although many people are entrepreneurs, most of the the people in the Valley are employees, not entrepreneurs. And some of these employees, however gifted, lack the personality to take a minimum risks versus the stability of a salary and the lure of stock vesting, in companies created and made stable by others, not them

Netflix's success,  it was Netflix's entrepreneurs' success, due to the correct definition of business model and to the fabulous product management work. This made the superb technology - yet invisible to Netflix users - wanted by people, and not the other way around. What Adrian praises is the intuition to select the right company, not the guts of starting a company

It was Netflix's management that attracted and made their employees clever, resourceful.

Miha Ahronovitz

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