Virtualization is Not Cloud...But Does Make It Shine

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VMworld event ongoing in Moscone Center, San Francisco seems to place VMware as the self-crowned monarch of Virtualization

But when Oracle reads the 200 pages program and (did anyone read this gargantuan program?) and comes across a paper like" EA7061 Creating an Internal Oracle Database Cloud Using vSphere" by Jeff Browning, EMC Corporation or another paper "EA8700 Oracle on vSphere: Re-Platforming Tier 1 Oracle Databases from UNIX to vSphere at Indiana University" by Robert Lowden, Indiana University Dave Welch, House of Brick Technologies, no wonder they will not attend the event and instead placed their position in very harsh terms.

See "Our [Oracle's] full Virtualization Stack beats VMware"

The Oracle's own web site has the details :

In general at VMworld it seems everyone who ever downloaded VMware has written a paper or makes a presentation.
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