Employees in Silicon Valley

Adrian Cockroft, from Netflix, published a thought provoking  blog,  Open letter to my Sun friends at Oracle  After reading this blog, people are in a state of shock, unable or fearful to utter thoughts. It challenges our innate political correctness, our inertia. I wish we can all join Ebay and then go to Netflix and go through the learning process Adrian describes. Obviously, all of us have our own path, yet few of us have his prophetic vision to see what is going on from above.

But if we all try to imitate him, we will never be original and better, just imitators. 

This blog is about defeating our innate, stubborn resistance to the life we really want, instead of the life we have now.

We live in a rational Silicon Valley. Although many people are entrepreneurs, most of the the people in the Valley are employees, not entrepreneurs. And some of these employees, however gifted, lack the personality to take a minimum risks versus the stability of a salary and the lure of stock vesting, in companies created and made stable by others, not them

Netflix's success,  it was Netflix's entrepreneurs' success, due to the correct definition of business model and to the fabulous product management work. This made the superb technology - yet invisible to Netflix users - wanted by people, and not the other way around. What Adrian praises is the intuition to select the right company, not the guts of starting a company

It was Netflix's management that attracted and made their employees clever, resourceful.

Miha Ahronovitz


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