Where is God when we need Him most?

Why this post? 

I have in mind something I received from the invisible world described by Kabbalah. I feel a sense of fulfillment . I 0nly have a handful of readers who understand,

This is essential to understand the Super Entrepreneurship the creation to 0 to 1 products described by Peter Thiel


This picture of Kabballah describes the ten dimension of the world. 

The Upper World are the six sefirot  4, 5,  6, 7, 8 and  9 who underwent a sudden contraction to create our Universe.

Now only ten sefirot? Why not 15 or 20? Because two thousands years later. The String Theory calculated that the number of dimensions to make it work is 10. It's eerie how the magic numbers of physics and the unified field theory are found in Kabbalah

Endless Fulfilment and Happiness

All this knowledge. modern Kabbalists synthetized and brought it a level of understanding to more people to achieve the purpose of life and the birthright of humanity. This is happiness.

The Upper World is the 99%  realm we touch in one of those rare moments of "clarity, insight, expanded consciousness, epiphany and even the revelation that allow us to pick the winning numbers in the lottery."

This is when your heart beats like a drum  and something overwhelms you. Whenever you have felt happiness , tranquility, inner peace, and feel able to conquer anything, you were touching one of the ten sefirot.

Plato wrote about the timeless world of ideas and forms

The Greek philosopher  uses the word :"ideas" to replace the word "sefirot" that exist beyond the physical world of the five senses

Sir Isaac Newton 

Isaac Newton’s notes on the existence of God  1710

From his theological manuscripts in Trinity College in Cambridge 
Plato, travelling to Egypt when the Jews were numerous in that country, learned there his metaphysical opinions about the superior beings and formal causes of all things, which he calls Ideas and which the Kabbalists called Sefirot

Where is God  when we need Him most? 

How many times why it is so hard to connect with our Creator? The key answer is knowing how to connect ourselves to the Upper World, also known as the 99 Percent Realm.


It is very hard to connect with the Upper World and get a glimpse, Yet there is no greater happiness and sense of fulfillment in life

Dadaism tries to do everything contrary to what has been done before. The future of Silicon Valley is to have geniuses who are aware of the 99% Realm.

I am very serious. we can cultivate this happines


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