Washing hands as a life saver

In medicine

The Hungarian doctor Ignaz Semmelweis introduced hand washing in 1845, a mere 174 years ago.  At Vienna General Hospital, women were much more likely to die after childbirth if a male doctor attended, compared to a midwife. Dr. Semmelweis ordered his medical staff to start cleaning their hands and instruments not just with soap but with a chlorine solution. The mortality rate drastically dropped
Ignaz Semmelweis

In Judaism

An observant Jew begins his morning with a series of blessings shape his day. These are meant to enhance our awareness of God.

One essential blessing is the Netilas Yadaim (Washing of the Hands). You must do so immediately upon awakening before walking maximum 8 feet away. Do not touch  your mouth. nose, eyes and ears before washing hands.

The mystical explanation is about the seven apertures we have in our head - two eyes, two nostrils, two ears and one mouth -. These are the channels through which we communicate with to the world around us. This where we receive the Godly  influx of wisdom for a new day.

We should be careful not to touch these apertures before washing of the hands, so that we receive the wisdom with sanctity rather than impurity.

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Besides Judaism, other religions recommend the hand washing. Maybe others can make contributions


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