The impossible task of being objective

It is humanly impossible to be completely objective.
The Rabbis know that "Every person has a bias of some kind"

We may live without an agenda, but we can not live without bias. "Through a mix of nature, nurture and free will, we all possess a certain lens that frames and forms the way we see ourselves, others, and the world  around us.

It is simply not possible to erase all traces of our personality, past experiences and deeply held beliefs, no matter how hard we may try.

The adopted frame either consciously or unconsciously, deeply impacts the way we perceive reality. This is a personal matrix of understanding is like a personal operating system, through which we construe and contextualize , react and reinforce, interpret and identify every intersection may experience.

Based on this  unavoidable subjectivity, we conclude

  • living positively is a matter of choice, not circumstance
  • It is not the events of out life that shape us, but the meaning  we assign to these events
  • How Harvey feels today? He  has the same walker I use.  No friends. 

So How I, Miha Ahronovitz can function from now on in a positive way? Is this the end?

The redemptive is the testing Ground solutions in a book by Mendel Kalmenson called The Laboratory of life, a philosophy teaching through examples.

More to follow


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