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You have a product or a service. You want to sell it and make some money from it. Then you make people say "I want it, I want it" You sell it like hot cakes. This is not achieved with technical details, but with stories

D.H. Lawrence style

D.H. Lawrence is a writer, a son of a miner and author of an "obscene" book prohibited  from  publication since 1928 to 1960. 

As D.H. Lawrence died in 1930, the trial in 1960 in England was lead by Penguin books. They made immediately three million dollars, a colossal amount at the time 

"Who needs a hobby like tennis or philately?/I've got a hobby: rereading Lady Chatterley"

Lawrence was not a pornographer, but one of the greatest writer of 20th century. This is what he says 

I like relativity and quantum theories, 
because I don't understand them 
and they made me feel as if space shifted 
about like a swan that can't settle,  
refusing to sit still and be measured;
as if the atom were an impulsive thing
always changing its mind

 D.H Lawrence, quoted from professor Leon Lederman , Nobel Prize and director at Fermi Labs.

 It is this "I don't understand them" that generates the further progress. Lady Chatterley is a profound book. The sacred task of the artist is "to absorb the knowledge  of the sciences and assimilate it to humans needs, color it with human passions, transform it into the blood and bone of human nature".

At Harvard 1987 commencement ceremonies, of twenty-three  graduate randomly selected, only two could answer why is hotter in summer than in winter.

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