The practical way to monetize edge computing

There are no two edge computing companies alike. According to ZDNet,  October 1, 2018  these are the edge computing companies to watch
  1. Microsoft
  2. Amazon
  3. Dell EMC
  4. HPE
  5. FogHorn (advertised as bringing intelligence to edge)
  6. IBM
  7. Rigato
  8. Cisco
  9. Clearblade
  10. Saguna
To watch for what? How is this relevant to what I want? I need first to understand why , for example IBM decided to enter the edge computing and see if there is a synergy. Edge Computing is not an application, It is a set of solutions hopefully easy to customize by outside developers. Yet it is not a jack for all trades

MobiledgeX is not listed on ZDNet, This startup fully owned by Deutsche Telekom seems to have a clearer mission in network mobility

The shorter the network connection, the better the network performance. Moving application components nearer to the user or device improves the interaction with the device and enables more usable applications.
This resembles a digital transformation
... the novel use of digital technology to solve traditional problems. These digital solutions enable inherently new types of innovation and creativity, rather than simply enhance and support traditional methods. 


I am inspired by one of top world's program managers,  David Hinde, a Britisher,  He has salt and pepper. He makes sense in all he says
I have found many books on project management rather dull. Often, they are filled with abstract processes, roles, and documents, and the reader comes away with little idea of how to apply the theory to their real-world projects. Although this book may not be as detailed as other publications, I have tried to ensure that all the key project-management concepts are covered. I believe that once managers have learned the principles of project management, they will be able to fill in the details for themselves.
Hinde, David. The Project Manager and the Pyramid: How to Manage Any Project, Any Place, Any Time . Spiffing Covers. Kindle Edition. 

 Key Stakeholders

When we treat the deliverable of edge computing as a project, the first thing we need is to define the Stakeholders.These are important people who either gain something or contribute something to the project

  • Sponsors. They pay for the project and want to see the value of their investment
  • Suppliers. They represent the teams who will design and create the products and services
  • Support. They are the teams who will support and maintain the products and service
Finally, perhaps the most important stakeholders
  • Customers. They represent those that will either gain something from the project or use the project services and products

By treating a particular edge computing as a project, we control the cost. include opportunities and focus for for highest profits possible, tangible and intangible. We constantly look for lateral thoughts

As opposed to the method of asking potential customers what they want, and treating AR, a rather niche application, as a main revenue potential, this PM is the answer. Customers themselves do not know what they want and what it costs.

And where is the edge? The edge is where we need it to be. This baffles most people.


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