Edge Computing and Lady Gaga

On twitter I look randomly at the number of followers: Deutsche Telekom (DT) AG has 72.7K, MobiledgeX has 0.44K. Lady Gaga has 78,000K,  This is bigger than the UK population

Only a few stop and think. Why an entertainment star attracts so many people?

All other onlookers say "Sure, what do you expect? She is an artist and we are techies." What can we learn as tech magicians from her hypnotic attraction?

Every time a new buzz word crops up,  edge computing  for example, we start to  read a few articles. consult Wikipedia. and we think we understand what it is. At that stage only the technical jargon is clear for a few insiders. Marketing still works to understand and scratches its'  head.

I dare to say 90% of the people who claim to understand what edge computing is, struggle. They bluff their doubts. Is edge computing one application? No, it consists of many applications. Is it a platform? Maybe yes or maybe not, depending of whom you ask. Does edge computing make people happy? We hope so, but we don't know yet. Can I touch and smell it? Yes, if I am a developer , but like most people I am not

Unlike edge computing a smart phone is in the hands of billions of people, it awakes emotions, passionate debates and  feelings of  "I-must-have-it."

It is the story, the experience. that human being want to hear. Yuval Noah Harari in his book. "21 Lessons for the 21st Century"  writes
"Humans think in stories rather than in facts , numbers , or equations , and the simpler the story , the better" 
The Edge story is not Lady Gaga's story. But we could and should make it like Lady Gaga

Explaining what a smart phone does and how to use it to an extraterrestrial is not simple An Android phone is quite complex. Or try to explain them how to drive a car, Like humans, they must drive first themselves and learn. This is how self-driving cars learn: using machine learning (ML) and AI.

Unlike a phone or car,  we can't get a piece of edge computing and say "Lets try it" . To try what? Edge computing does not have boundary, it is just made of hundred of thousands of solutions to new problems cropping every day.

The word Edge is a cliche and "speaking in cliches is problematic, because the world itself contains a far broader range of rainfalls, moons, sunshines and emotions than stock expressions capture and teach us to expect."

I noticed the dominant cliche mainstream people have about Edge includes a car. I am in Washington D,C and I want to drive a car in Afghanistan. Then I need a very low latency in Afghanistan.

This might be a scenario, but beside defense, can a for profit business offer this? MobiledgeX  has mobility and is bringing the cloud closer to the device (in this case a car) creating an edge ecosystem.
MobiledgeX  architecture sketch has a car to satisfy a popular cliche perception

An ingenious solution on MobiledgeX  platform is edgemesh, described in a blog by Rolf  Muralt, VP of Product Management. It speed up content delivery, network 3.5x.

What does it mean? A 100 ms page load,  will happen in 28 ms and with further refinements can go as low as 10 ms

Quoting Jacob Loveless, the CEO of edgemesh Inc, “This is a result that often arouses an aha! feeling—one that is generally brief, concise, and beautiful to the mind's eye,”

These words start touching a bit Lady Gaga charisma,.The poet Rimbaud wrote as a 16 years old

“The Poet makes himself a seer by a long, gigantic and rational derangement of all the senses”


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