A Hassidic Story with Kim and Donald

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, who passed away in 1810 has written a hassidic story called The Rooster Prince.

In this story, a prince goes insane and believes that he is a rooster (or turkey.) He takes off his clothes, sits naked under the table, and pecks at his food on the floor. The king and queen are horrified that the heir to the throne is acting this way. They call in various sages and healers to try and convince the prince to act human again, but to no avail. Then a new wise man comes to the palace and claims he can cure the prince. He takes off his clothes and sits naked under the table with him, claiming to be a rooster, too. Gradually the prince comes to accept him as a friend. The sage then tells the prince that a rooster can wear clothes, eat at the table, etc. The Rooster Prince accepts this idea and, step-by-step, begins to act normally, until he is completely cured.

There are many interpretations to this story

My suggestion is to name the kings heir, Kim ( Kim Jong Un). We call the wise man who takes off his clothes Donald (Donald Trump, the 45th US President)

Donald, left and Kim, right


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