Mark Zuckerberg is a genius

 Facebook is now more like a government than a traditional company

Mark Zuckerberg does not need to enter politics and run to be the next US president. In fact he has zero motivation to become the chief of the White House. or to become the chancellor of Germany or to be the Japanese Prime Minister

In a 2017 manifesto, Zuckerberg argued that Facebook would help humanity take its “next step” by becoming “the social infrastructure” for a truly global community.
People share a whole lot of content and then sometimes there are disputes between people around whether that content is acceptable, whether it’s hate speech or valid political speech; whether it is an organization which is deemed to be a bad or hateful or terrorist organization or one that’s expressing a reasonable point of view.

What does it mean?

I think more than a lot of other companies, we’re in a position where we have to adjudicate those kinds of disputes between different members of our community. And in order to do that, we’ve had to build out a whole set of policies and governance around how that works.
But I think it’s actually one of the most interesting philosophical questions that we face. With a community of more than 2 billion people all around the world, in every different country, where there are wildly different social and cultural norms, it’s just not clear to me that us sitting in an office here in California are best placed to always determine what the policies should be for people all around the world. And I’ve been working on and thinking through: How can you set up a more democratic or community-oriented process that reflects the values of people around the world?
Our experience is that in a country, a leader can do as much he or she pleases. However newer generations will have to filter all actions, whether call them abuses or trans-formative social engineering , using the  Facebook manifesto.

Mark Zuckerberg "crime" is not any crime by any definition. It is just a steady work to co-exist and change for the better the political manipulative government institutions.

The opponents can not stifle Facebook by sending their employees and contributors in concentration camps or Gulags in Siberia


In the last year, we’ve done a lot of research into what drives well-being for people. And what uses of social networks are correlated with happiness and long-term measures of health and all the measures of well-being that you’d expect, and what areas are not as positive.
And the thing we’ve found is that you can break Facebook and social media use into two categories. 
One is where people are connecting and building relationships, 
 The other part of the use is basically content consumption. So that’s watching videos, reading news, passively consuming content in a way where you’re not actually interacting with anyone or building a relationship. 
Recently Facebook started streaming soccer
Streaming soccer is quickly becoming an important piece to Facebook’s strategy, as it is the most followed sport on the network. Last year, 3.7 million people used Facebook to watch a match between Everton and Manchester United, Bloomberg reported.

Cambridge Analytica  

I am still digesting what I read following the preposterous  scandal of Cambridge Analytica. Rather than reveal a wrong doing, it reveals Mark's work in progress that will change our lives and maintain global peace better than United Nations.


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