The Two Silicon Valley and Jared Kushner

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 

This is name of a movie by Luis Bunuel from 1972

I read in New York Times June 19, 2017 the article
Tech Titans Make Pilgrimage to White House to Discuss Government Systems

Then I see Jeff Bezos, Timothy Cook (who never started a company in his life) and other illustrious people from Silicon Valley, all using private jets. Don't take me wrong. This is a wonderful initiative from Jared Kushner and his father in law, President Trump

This men and women with ties and suits and executive attire, look like a fifty year old picture of  clerks 

Below is how they  really look in Silicon Valley, the real startup people. who are not rich and who want to make a difference in this world.

Artificial Intelligence and IT Federal Budget

Mt Bezos said "it was “impossible to overstate” the importance of artificial intelligence."
As shown in Table 16-1, the Federal Government Budget for IT is estimated to be $95.7 billion in FY 2018,

So many companies from Silicon Valley at  White House are after big chunks of this money .

The companies represented in Washington can not answer all questions, because in AI /ML and Chatrbots they do not understand yet how use them in large enterprises.  Many large investors. who love AI. do not understand it well enough to risk investments

Small Startups as consultants

Big companies hire big name consultants for strategy.  They are very expensive and make insightful info-graphics  and professional looking reports with a few memorable highlights. They cannot - by definition of impartiality - implement themselves the ideas they preach, hands on.

Say there is an AI/ML pilot project.

The 1st option is to select a reputable firm to help. But as far as I know such a firm does not exists yet.. One 2nd option is to contract one or more startups .Startups as consultants?

Yes startups.

Many of AI startups  are focused on AI and ML platforms. No big name consultant firm has this hands on experience.

There is more than one truth in life. So more opinions for solutions have grains of truth. The more opinions we accommodate, the less chances we have to make a mistake and overlook important details.

A proposal for Jared Kushner

If isolated geeks from North Korea can paralyze the entire world's economies, why can't totally unknown pre-money startups help the Federal IT modernization? Why not allocate one billions dollars in addition to the bourgeoisie of Silicon Valley, to real hungry, men and women who are the real entrepreneurs?. We know the highest returns come not from triple AAA rated, but from junk bonds. And this federal program would infuse oxygen in the entrepreneurial model of America and the world

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