Cooldimi Chabad Bot is alive

What is Chabad?

Chabad is considered one the best organized Chassidic Jewish organization in the world They have a web site with over hundred thousands pages.

Today, over 3,500 Chabad institutions are located in more than 85 countries, with a new center opening on the average every ten days. In South Africa, South America, Russia, Australia, the UK, and many parts of the USA,

Chabad JCC from Placer County

This is one of the 1.500 Chabad Houses worldwide.

The Chabad Jewish Community Center from Placer County  has it's own web site. Since February 22, 2017 you will see a  "Message Us" Icon in the upper left corner. The link leads you to an Artificial Intelligence Cooldimi bot,

What the Bot Does

Placer County JCC, in California is the first ever to implement an artificial intelligence bot.

It answers relevant simple  questions like these

Even if the question is misspelled, the bot understands

When the Shabbat starts? Note that each of the world locations has a different time.

In case you want to know how Chabad started in Placer County, the Bot has an answer

One must-have feature is that Chabad Bot shuts down during Shabbat and starts again answering only after the Shabbat ends

Anyone answering a question, as a member of Facebook community, can be identified. A new feature to be released soon, the Rabbi can broadcast text messages via the bot, only to people who need to have a conversation.

Note how we reduced the domain of the bot only to knowledge useful for people in Placer County and visitors. Otherwise the facts containing Judaism and  Chassidut are impossible to manage by a single bot.

The empathy

The Placer County JCC bot does not take any job away from anyone. There is no budget  to have human employee or an answering service replacing the "Message Us" bot.

The Chabad philosophy is to look past the outward person and trust in the soul deep inside. You may disapprove of everything he does, and his outlook on life may be the opposite of everything you believe. Don’t argue with him. Instead, be one with him. Unconditionally.

Ultimately the Rabbi Yosi Korik of  is the one  human the bot refers to when it runs out of answers. It frees the Rabbi to reach more people in need of more answers

The more people use the bot, the better will get via machine learning. Right now it gets nearly 70% accuracy and we hope to bring it to 90% accuracy.

But one thing the bot will never replace is human empathy. This is the main ingredient of Customer Experience (CX).

The wisdom from the creation of the Chabad bot applies also to a Cooldimi prototype bot selling car insurance. About this, we will talk in a future blog
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