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Americans do not like long words. A Bot is a  shortening of  ChatRobot. A poet, Eli Siegel wrote
is what remains
when everything you think of
has gone

 2016 will be the year of conversational commerce

This is the Medium blog by Chris Messina
... utilizing chat, messaging, or other natural language interfaces (i.e. voice) to interact with people, brands, or services and bots that heretofore have had no real place in the bidirectional, asynchronous messaging context
The Aha! came from this observation


What does it mean? 

No longer do you need to convince users to “download and install” an app — they can just invite a bot to a conversation and interact with it [eventually] like they would a person. Zero barriers to adoption, with minimal risk to the user (i.e. malware, etc).
While you may have bristled when that news app alerted you to “new stories”, you might appreciate a particularly friendly newsbot delivering a personalized recommendation with context that you uniquely care about.

Bots have no menus and are no human either

You just text, or talk. "Conversational apps are therefore organized around the way I organize my life, rather than the way the app maker might dictate."

Bots are not humans. Bots will not become indistinguishable from humans in the foreseeable future. Bots have no sentiments

95% of the bots lack intelligence and are not learning from human interaction

Artificial Intelligence is hot

From 14 deals to 143 deals in five years

Bots themselves have not feelings. But the people using them have emotions.

The bot substance is..

To make happy the humans using them ." this is what remains when everything you think of has gone"

Cooldimi Bot

Diagram of Cooldimi Bot

Cooldimi rules

  1. Goal-driven dialogue bots that learn to engage in natural conversations with humans. It will recognize "Hi, how are you today?" or "It's a nice day in Arizona" as greetings. It will take more time to learn how to place the greetings at the right place
  2. We optimize users’ satisfaction and agent’s knowledge 
  3. We know that Bots are AI machines talking to real humans.A caller to some of the  government voice mail system is furious after waiting for hours. This can no happen with Cooldimi bot. 
  4. Cooldimi is enabler for a company to have happy users. Most other 3rd party are disablers.
  5. Bots are specific for each vertical. No mix and match, please, as a recent 3rd party discovered the hard way. A 40 verticals "ready to use bots" went out of business in 3 months
Cooldimi Bot: Demo will be available on web site during Nov 2016

3rd party disablers

A new start up in New York area uses peer too peer bots to sell insurance from a smart phone. Their business model requires the society to change. They even hired a Chief Behavioral Officer.

In my humble opinion any company that needs to change the people behavior, as a precondition for success has to fight two wars with very meager startup resources

From Talmud

Seek not things that are too hard for you. Search no things that are hidden from you. Think only at the things that are permitted to you. You have no business with the things that are secret.

Chatbots And The Future Of Facebook Messenger
Note: The ideas expressed in this article are  from Cooldimi  co-founders: Kuldip Pabla and Miha Ahronovitz


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