Sunday, April 03, 2016

The Machine Learning prophecy from Apcera, Part 2 of 2

This is the continuation of the Part 1 The Machine Learning prophecy from Apcera is proven true

Please read it first

Are applications build by machines? Answer: No!


So now let's bump up a layer. How applications will get built?, (1) are applications built by machines or (2) do people now use those predictions as a sort of composable galleries to build those applications?


It is the latter, the applications become a sort of composable gallery. We have seen even  without machine learning: if you want to build something faster, build less and assemble the pieces, like the services Amazon does. That is amazingly powerful to an enterprise  who's trying to go to the cloud , because they don't want to build a sustainable database of a key-value database whatever that is . That trend will continue, there is value, business value of the application for the developer, but I agree it is just composable service.  I see the cloud wars waged and its services ecosystem front:  (1) Data services  including Big Data, (2)  Human Machine learning  and then (2) Human Machine interfaces.
Whoever comes up with the best classes services is going to win.


Can  you elaborate on the Human Machine interfaces?


Cortana,  Alexa, Siri

The Apcera role


So what is Apcera's role into that? Are you pulling these together and putting the rules around how  to have them deployed and  consumed within the guidelines of a particular organization?


Exactly. Everything becomes more and more complex;   the notion of "how to trust all these pieces that are moving around?" We do get in three to four  years ahead this notion of pumping data into a machine learning algorithm and getting back  some insight for our business.

Who is going to access that? Who is allowed to write new applications to actually consume this information and make better decisions? This world of microservices, who decides which decomposition of the software system we do, that great but this increases the complexity and increases risk. Who is going to take up those risks? All these details are included on the Apcera 's platform, even in more impressive fashion, in my opinion


Derek, this is as always, profoundly insightful

Derek Collison, Apcera and Jason Hoffman, Ericsson

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